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translated by Yagami1211

Kishimoto’s interview is interesting.

He says Naruto wasn’t supposed to have anything to do with ninjas.
It was supposed to be a teenager named Naruto cooking ramens.
His editor told him to fuck off, it wasn’t gonna work.
He introduced magic in his pilot story and then ninjas.

Kishimoto said a Ichiraku Ramen existed near his college. That’s where he got the name.
He said that ninja universe didn’t interest him that much.

the interviewer ask why characters sometimes have only one name like Gaara

Kishimoto says Gaara’s full name was supposed to be Kotarou Fuuma but his editor didn’t agree and Kishimoto wanted him to be named like that, that went on for weeks. The Editor gave Gaara his name, like “An Ashura who only likes himself.” ( That’s what the kanjis of his name means.” Kishimoto whet “Okay, sure, why not.”

He said the hardest was to give all the rookies their names. Kiba, Shino etc … because the same week every character was supposed to be introduced. He gave Neji his name when he looked at a screw. ( That tell you he wasn’t really inspired. )

His editor told him Kage Bunshin’s name sucked and he wanted a cooler name. Kishimoto like going straight to the point. Kage Bunshin are Shadow Clones, period.

Chidori/Thousand Birds wasn’t supposed to have this name either.

When he saw the anime and the characters yelling the jutsu names, he figured it would be better to think about the names longer.
Naruto was supposed to have this Dattebayo thing from the start.

He says the last thing he wanted to do was actually going for a traditional ninjas settings and tried to get the furthest away from that.

During a chapter, Naruto tells Itachi that Sasuke is like a brother to him. Is that what you were going from the start ?

Kishimoto : I wanted them to be more brothers than blood brothers. I can tell you that is for me the hardest thing to put into words in this story. And it still is. People who actually lived through harsh separations and death of loved ones often write me and tells me they can actually relate to them. When I am close to someone, I’m scared shitless of one day that bond will be severed. Loneliness does scares me to death. This may be hard to put into words, but I’ll still try to make my point stand to the readers.

So you think you still didn’t really managed to put into words what is the relation between Naruto and Sasuke ?

Kishimoto : I don’t know. Maybe I didn’t as well as I wanted to, and because of that almost everyone thinks both of them are lunatics. From on now, everything will rely on how well I can put their relation into words.

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I broke my own heart loving you.
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The Breakfast Club (1985)


The Breakfast Club (1985)

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